The Cost Of Garage Doors: New, Repairs and Maintenance

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How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

There are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your existing garage door. Maybe you’re simply trying to improve the appearance of your home, or perhaps you’re thinking of selling the property soon and you want to increase its value. You might also want the additional safety features that often come with newer garage doors, so that you can protect your children, pets, and vehicles. 

Some modern garage doors also sync up with home security technology to reduce the likelihood of a successful break-in, and offer insulation capabilities that allow you to have the same climate control in your garage that you already enjoy inside the rest of your house. However, no matter why you want a new garage door, you’ll have to think about what replacing your current version is likely to cost.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to show you what your new garage door will cost, and why. Whether you plan on purchasing a single or double model, with or without windows, or adding extra features like wood grain and insulation, we’ve got you covered with detailed breakdowns of the average prices you’re likely to find. Keep in mind that these figures will vary slightly from one contractor to the next, and it’s always best to reach out for a direct quote if you’ve got someone in mind. However, the information below should provide you with an effective frame of reference so that you can get started.

Garage Door Replacement Costs

Typically, the cost of a full garage door replacement is likely to be comparable to a new installation (though you might save a little money by keeping your old rails and opener). Generally, Here’s what you’ll want to budget for each required part and service:

  • For the door itself (single size, standard steel, insulated and painted): $800-$1200 CAD
  • If you’re buying a double-size door instead: $1250-$1800 CAD

These prices will include removal and disposal of the old door, along with installation for the new model and the reconnection of the garage door opener. However, bear in mind that several other factors will likely affect the overall price.

Other Factors to Consider

Want windows on your door? That’s going to cost extra. Same deal for aesthetic touches like wood grain style paint jobs and custom trim. Check out the following list of bells and whistles to see what’s realistic for you and your budget:

  • Adding windows to a single door: $200-$400 CAD
  • Adding windows to a double door: $400-$700 CAD
  • Adding wood grain paint: $150-$450 CAD
  • Adding composite trim for a custom look: $400-$7000 CAD
  • Adding remote controls and external keypads: $90-$160 CAD
  • Increasing the insulation value of your door: $250-$550 CAD

You should also bear the following questions in mind, which can complicate the total costs associated with replacing a garage door and make them harder to predict:

  • Where do you live? Areas with higher costs of living tend to have more expensive contractors, since they have to set their prices to stay in business and make a profit. If you live in an expensive region, be prepared to spend more money on your door.
  • Does the opening for your door need to be resized? Making the hole that your door goes in bigger might not sound like a big deal, but it requires a lot of work. Merely making a garage door opening taller requires taking out beams and other structural components that hold up the roof of the building, then bracing and replacing them. This process adds to labour significantly and can tack hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on top of the total price, depending on the complexity of your situation.
  • Do you need to replace hardware? Hardware replacement isn’t normally a big deal, but it can add a few hundred dollars to the final price of replacing your garage door. Replacing springs typically costs $185-$395 CAD, whereas cable replacements run from $160-$200 CAD.
  • Are you buying a different kind of door? Garage doors are made in many styles, and from a wide variety of materials. The further you stray from typical builds, the less predictable your costs will become. For example, buying a door made from aluminium and glass will usually cost much more than a door made from standard steel — usually $2800-8000 CAD depending on the features and labour involved.

Should You Replace or Repair?

As noted above, there are many compelling reasons to replace your garage door. However, there’s also one particularly strong argument for repairing your door whenever possible: it’s a whole heck of a lot cheaper. Door service and adjustment is normally $90-$145 CAD, which can help prevent mechanical issues and save you money in the long run by nipping potentially major problems in the bud. Repairs usually range from $90-$225 CAD, depending on the nature of the problem (although even photo eye sensor repairs tend to fall within this range). Keep in mind that spring and cable replacements, which we mentioned above, aren’t just operations you might need when buying a new door; they can help extend the life of your current one as well. Two repairs to consider the costs for would be new perimiter weather strips for roughly $170-$250 CAD and new bottom weather strips at $135-$250 CAD. 

All things considered, even the most expensive repairs normally don’t cost half as much as buying and installing a new door — though you’ll also have to do without the benefits that new doors can confer on your property.

Manual or Automatic?

You’d probably assume that buying a new automatic garage door is going to be lots more expensive than purchasing a manual one, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Relatively speaking, the costs of going automatic are fairly minor when compared to the cost of the actual door itself — which is to say, if you can afford a new garage door then you can probably also afford a new garage door opener to go along with it.

Garage Door Openers

The technology used in new garage door openers is leaps and bounds ahead of older models, allowing worthwhile features such as automatic reversal and battery backup systems. So, how much does a new opener cost? Only about $400-$750 CAD, including the disposal and removal of the old opener.

The Costs of Installing Your New Door

Most of the costs we’ve listed above include installation, but not every contractor factors that into their prices. If you choose to work with a contractor who doesn’t include installation in their fees, make sure to get a direct quote and compare it with the prices of big retailers like The Home Depot, which charges between $1373-$1690 CAD for installing their basic single-door models and $2142 CAD for their basic double.

 Single Doors vs. Double Doors

Yes, single doors are cheaper — but you have to think about what kind of access your garage really needs. Generally, it’s a good idea to size your door based on how large your parking area is: if your door opening is 8-10 feet wide, you’ll need a single, whereas a double bay will require 15-17 feet of space for the opening.

Overhead and Roll-up Doors for Extra Living Space

Garage doors aren’t just for use in garages themselves — sometimes they’re also used in kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Glass garage doors are the most common types for these rooms because they open up the spaces and allow for significantly more natural light. However, bear in mind that these projects generally cost a great deal more than standard garage door installations. Here’s why:

  • Extra insulation: homes in colder climates can’t put in large windows or glass garage doors without extra insulation to prevent heat loss. As we’ve noted above, that can add hundreds of dollars to the overall cost.
  • Adjustments to electrical wiring: the wiring in homes is typically much more complicated than the wiring found in garages. Expect to hire an electrician who is capable of moving the required wires (and who will likely charge you on a per-foot basis).
  • Hiring an architect: major adjustments to the walls of a home typically require the services of an architect, whose fee will likely cost several thousand dollars.
  • Demolishing a wall: the cost of breaking down an existing wall depends largely on which wall you want to knock down and how difficult that will be. Costs can range from just a few hundred to over ten thousand dollars.
  • Building a new wall: generally, building a new wall costs a few thousand dollars — but this is also largely dependent on the nature of the specific wall needed.

Should You DIY or Hire Professionals?

It might be tempting to try doing this all yourself, but unless you already have previous experience with installing overhead doors we strongly advise against it. The risks and costs associated with making a mistake at any point in this long and complicated process far outweigh those that come with hiring skilled professionals to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

More FAQs

We’ve done our best to answer some common questions about garage door installations:

How long does it normally take to install a new garage door?

Usually 4-7 hours, barring unforeseeable complications.

Is it possible to replace specific panels instead of the entire door?

Generally speaking, individual panels are not available through retailers. However, they can occasionally be purchased from a repair professional.

Can I put a new door on old tracks?

If you are buying the same kind of door as the last one you had, you should be able to use the old tracks — assuming that they don’t need to be replaced. However, new installations often come with new tracks as well.

Are glass doors insulated?

The insulation provided by a glass garage door will only be as good as the insulation of the glass from which it is made.

How long do garage doors last?

Manufacturers typically state that a garage door can last from 15-30 years — however, these estimates are likely conservative and intended to reduce liability. With proper care, it should be possible to make your door last as long as the home in which it is installed.

And lastly… which kind of garage door is best for my home?

Different homes have different needs — that’s why garage doors come in so many distinct varieties. There is no “one size fits all” approach, but be sure to use this guide to help inform your decisions and select the kind of door that will suit you and your property best. Our owner Tony, will help you decide to repair or replace your garage door.